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General Horse Property Classifieds
Ad Duration with 12  20 free photos Cost
3 months $59
6 months $89
9 months $119
12 months $139
Featured Property with a Direct Photo Link to Your Equestrian Property Ad
(as shown on right)
Ad Duration Cost
3 months $79
6 months $109
9 months $139
12 months $159
Extra Eye-Grabbing Features
Item Cost
Featured Ad $20
Bold Lettering $5
Better Placement $10
Attention Getter $5
20 FREE Photos $0
Equestrian Real Estate Professional Packages
 Professional Package I  

      If you are serious about selling...
Your horse property ad on an additional 3
Top Equestrian Property Websites!

Sign up now for maximum exposure of
your horse real estate!
How to:  Submit your ad in the regular fashion at
Select "Professional Package 1 " under Ad Duration.
Within 24-48 hours, we will email you a code which will allow you FREE access to post your listing at 3 other highly rated equestrian real estate sites - with all the photos and bells and whistles you want!  This is for a 3 month period. 
Exposure is the key to sales and success! 
Comes with immediate award activation and privileges 

Professional Package 2

Ideal for the equestrian property specialist
For Multiple Listings
Post all the listings you want on this site only for 3 months, with as many photos, and extra features desired
Allow 24-48 hours for activation
Comes with immediate award activation and privileges

Professional Package 3

For the serious equestrian property real estate specialist who understands that exposure to many viewers will shorten their selling time and improve their success, along with providing them with potential buyers and sellers
Includes both packages above.
Allows you to post as many ads as you want
for 6 months 1 year  FOREVER
All listings will be featured on multiple property and real estate sites
Allow 24-48 hours for unlimited activation
Comes with immediate award activation and privileges.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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